Tailor-made and customized garments

Sartoria di Filottrano helps its customers to choose their sartorial garments and uniforms, guaranteeing the utmost assistance and a high-end result.

The customer will have the pleasure to create his own uniform: from choosing precious fabrics, all exclusively Made in Italy, to the choice of buttons, rever, lining, and accessories. The uniform can be customized with the corporate logo. Here are some of the models in our collection.

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Sartorial two buttons jacket. Pure winter wool fabric.
Product code: U321

Sartorial morning dress with satin rever. Four seasons fitting pure wool fabric.
Product code: E101

Four seasons fitting stretching wool suit. Vest and rever made of stylish grisaille.
Product code: U320

Bird’s eye woolen suit Super 130’S. Prince of whales check vest made of excellent wool 130’S.
Product code: U316

Four seasons fitting suit made of charcoal pure wool grisaille. Pure wool damask vest.
Product code: U319

Pure wool grisaille suit. Rever and satin manufactured in elegant damask.
Product code: U318

Models to draw inspiration from

Some samples of fabrics, buttons, lining, rever, and accessories to match with your sartorial and tailor-made male or female uniform. Sartoria di Filottrano also makes woolen pullovers, pure cotton shirts, silk ties, clutches, leather belts, leather shoes, headwear, and gloves for you.